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Travel read. Excited about this One.

Travel read. Excited about this One.

Outkast at Treasure Island music fest, SF

Treasure Island Music Fest, SF A town down

It is decided.

It is decided.

So I Changed My Life Drastically and Here’s Why

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling stuck in a job, relationship, city, circumstance…I have news for you…you’re not alone. And you’re not really stuck.
The idea of change can be daunting. It can seem downright impossible. Self doubt can cripple us to the point of inertia. Insecurities can block our greatest attributes from shining through. And that’s when the feeling of being “stuck” creeps in. 

Fear, as it turns out, is the number one inhibitor of happiness and success.

I let fear get in the way, and as a result, restricted my personal growth. I was afraid of giving myself permission; afraid that I’d fail; that I wasn’t capable.

What the last 2 weeks have taught me is that I am capable. I am determined. I am stronger than the sum of my fears. And I am incredibly grateful for the honesty and strength that have allowed me to challenge the best and worst parts of my character. I’ll never stop challenging them.

What ultimately led to the need for a change was that I got sick and tired of the nagging reality that I wasn’t building something for myself.

I had to sit down and get real; determine what my priorities were; what REALLY mattered to me (as opposed to everyone else). I knew that making a change would confuse, upset and hurt some people. That weighed heavy on me. But change for me had nothing to do with lack of loyalty, love or respect. It had everything to do with respecting myself. It meant letting go of 10 years of not living my dream, and the tough acceptance that on the path I was on, I never would.  There’s no proper or sensible way to communicate that to the world. You just have to take a breath and leap of faith and trust that, even without a net or guarantee, things will work out the way they’re supposed to. 

I could say so much on the subject of how thankful I am to be working harder than I ever have in my life— as hard as I’ve always wanted to. But the bottom line and truth is, I’m just happy. Ridiculously and wonderfully happy. Because I set myself free.



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